My passion for connection, creativity, and reinvention emerged as a child. You could find me acting, singing, and dancing in anything that would have me. I loved being on stage. I loved connecting with an audience. I loved storytelling, imagination, as well as feeling free to be whomever I wanted without judgment. By the time I was a young adult, I lived to create, but I found myself conflicted between a need to conform to the expectations of society, and listening to a creative instinct to rebel.

Young, intimidated, and confused, I went to college but found myself doing the only thing I wanted to do, which was to be creative, so I pursued a Bachelor of Liberal Arts in Theatre. I never wanted to go to college. I didn’t find much sense in it and to be completely honest, I didn’t like the redundancy and structure of school. However, during my undergraduate study is when I began to notice a transformation in myself. I became curious about people, what drives behavior, why we interact the way we do and how communication sets the groundwork for people to connect.

Following undergraduate studies, I maintained an adventurous career working with one of the oldest professional sports leagues in the United States and Canada. The persistent travel to foreign places and challenging nature of relationships in the business encouraged me to pursue a Masters of Science in Communication. No. I hadn’t reformed my perception of school, but I wanted a deeper dive into understanding the human connection. In a few short years, I went from favoring a connection to people through portraying someone else, to exploring how our communication with others is impacted by how we identify to ourselves, what we allow people to see, and how honestly we choose to engage.

Over the course of my career, I have focused on communication, relationship building, and retention. I have brokered, and worked in Client and Project Management, with entrepreneurs, privately owned businesses, government entities, and multimillion-dollar organizations, as well as taught Public Speaking. While my background in creating a connection through communication has served as the foundation to professional success, my awareness to the importance of personal and self-made relationships was built during a very private education, and that was during my struggle with infertility.

My passion for connection, creativity, and reinvention felt like it died during my struggle with infertility. For 5-years, my husband and I struggled to conceive and during those years I stopped being the person I had always been. I stopped creating. I stopped sharing. I stopped believing in the possibility of transformation. I stopped communicating and I stopped listening to my instincts. When I realized that I had stopped doing everything that felt like me, I hit a dark wall of discouragement and impossibility. Shortly thereafter, I hired a Life Coach.

The experience I received from Life Coaching not only allowed me to take responsibility for how I was choosing to be but also how not choosing was impacting who I was being. My passion for connection, creativity, and reinvention reinvigorated itself after hiring my Coach. It helped me to find clarity, perspective, purpose, power, and love. It gave new meaning to the life I had lived and broadened the spectrum for how I could choose to move forward.

Life Coaching is a conversation based on bridging the gap. Meaning, it is a fruitful practice to add to your life when you feel a separation between who you are NOW and who you actually want to be. It is about noticing what is in the way of your self-actualization and through that awareness, become responsible for what you allow to get in the way of being who you want to be… who you’ve always known yourself to be in your heart, but haven’t -for whatever reason(s)- allowed. Simply put, Coaching is about calling yourself out, owning your shit, LOVING YOURSELF so that you realize that ONLY YOU can give you the life you want, and through it, acknowledging that you can. 

Life Coaching is a conversation that allows the power of communication, compassion, connection, co-creation, practice, tool development, and listening, lead you back to yourself. In every aspect of life, I have leveraged those exact skills to amplify the potential within me, making it possible to explore that which exists in you.

Associates and people with whom I collaborate describe me as intuitive, determined, compassionate, bold, diligent, and a visionary; someone who makes them feel comfortable owning uncomfortable truths, taking change based action, and competent to explore the belief that anything is possible.

My coaching encourages you to find love within your power. It’s time to stop seeing who you are versus who you want to be as two separate things; take action, fail with grace, get connected to the life you want, stop apologizing & go for what feels good!



 Are we a match made in Life Coaching heaven?

My coaching style is about ditching the rules! Through conversation, goal setting, and practice, we will look at how to take your life to the next level. We will explore your connection to actualizing what it is you want and the power within you to achieve it.

Together, we will identify what living without limitation looks like and how you can take responsibility to make it happen. I will empower you to prioritize your needs, establish a loving relationship with your power, acknowledge and move past disempowered stories, and embrace what you envision for yourself as a reality in a personal and/or professional manner. As you evolve, so will the conversation, but the practices will be centered on you and identifying with your most empowered self.

Where can Y O U get started right here, right now, today?



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