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First, I’d like to start by saying I hope this finds you safe, healthy, & well.

2nd, if you are looking for someone to talk to or release please allow yourself the support you need.

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Whether you’re hunkered down trying to save the world, or in your home office, producing & creating, etc., or not, it’s not for me to judge which is “right”. It’s for you.

Believe me, I have days where I find myself wondering what is the ‘right or wrong’ way to navigate our new normal, but no matter how long I wrestle with this context, no answer ever seems to definitively reveal itself as THE WAY.

Maybe that’s just how I feel right now?
Maybe that’s not how I’ll feel tomorrow?
Or, maybe uncertainty about what I choose is how I’ll feel until this is all over?
Who knows? Only time will tell.

The question I’m willing to answer isn’t based around prediction. It isn’t built on the foundation of how will I feel about me in the future, in the wake of Corna, after this is over.

The question I want to answer is about right now. It is how do I want to feel while I am STILL LIVING through it, because I am, and you are, still alive. That’s why I’ve decided to stop pushing to find an indisputable answer.

STOP deliberating over whether or not an IG post, blog, or newsletter is going to convey how deeply I care.

STOP debating if I am showing-up fully or in service as enough.

STOP doubting if to JUST BE is selfish. 

STOP the judgment & shame.

STOP searching for reasons why I don’t feel called towards any specific action & allow.

ALLOW each moment to come.
ALLOW who I am in it to be.
ALLOW what I feel to lead.
I am allowing my FEELs to lead & tell me what’s next.

Maybe after Corona is over I’ll wish I’d had done more?
Maybe I’ll have regret?
Maybe I’ll have missed an opportunity to connect?
Maybe? Maybe all of those things will happen. But, perhaps, they won’t?

Perhaps, I’ll look back on all I allowed during this time with great respect for my choices.

Perhaps, honoring my needs will create a clear access point for learning how to be in moments of great & new discomfort with trust.

Perhaps, feeling through this will show me to hold in reverence what I experience, alongside what you feel & experience, without the weight of needing to agree or conform.

Perhaps, choosing to honor who I am will create space to recognize that each of us has a role & responsibility in this life, & not choosing to act as others, doesn’t mean I am not doing my part in a way that feels best.

I dunno? I don’t have it all figured out, but I am allowing for that.

What I do know is that right now, I am choosing to live moment to moment & day by day.

I may jump up tomorrow with a wild hair to create & share something new! Or, I may go the duration of this in my own little incubator while feeling, learning, & being, with little or nothing to say.


I CHOOSE to go with MY flow, while being kind to myself, family, friends, coworkers, clients, & neighbors, in whatever way feels best.

I CHOOSE to find peace where it rests for all of humanity & with acceptance, that there is no ‘right or wrong’ way to survive this. There is only your way.

Just because others are being vocal about what is THEIR WAY, don’t let that imprison what or how you choose. You still have a choice. You Are Choice.

What is your way, how you choose to live, whatever the fall-out of your choices may be in the aftermath, I relish the outcome. For you. For me. For the greater good of our world & who we will be after. I relish it & am eager what it will reveal, but I am not living for it. I am living for now, in the now, with a knowledge that doing so will write that story.

I believe that if nothing else, we will come out of this more informed about what individually drives each of us. While the sadness of those lost is insurmountable & unmistakenly devastating, I do not take for granted their loss. I do not turn a blind eye to the innumerable lessons we can learn about love, togetherness, individuality, & choice, from them. I do not distance myself from the reality that this virus is a killer & in its claim, it has taken from others a life of choice that remains RIGHT NOW for you and I.

What the choice is for you… again, is for you to choose to discover.

In closing, my deepest and sincerest hope for you is that you allow you to be human & the emotion coming from all ends of this experience is dense, but in the density, therein lies potential for great learning. It is for this reason that I take comfort in believing that each of us has a choice in how we live & perhaps, this precarious experience is teaching that?

I will share that although my belly & heart aches over the tremendous suffering in the world, I am at peace in allowing my internal navigation to lead me, and doing it all without the need to reason or explain. If my choices anger some, I celebrate in advance the lessons & clarity that may come from choosing to see that. And, if my choices change, I’ll strive for peace there, too. Because allowing amidst something that is precarious feels damn good right now, and no one gets to make me (or you) justify my peace. No one.

No matter what I or anyone else chooses, being who we are is our access point to peace and what that looks like is completely up to you. Whether you’re going to decide to give it to yourself, just like everything else, is a choice, and the outcome of that choice, is a story to be lived by you and a tale that only time will tell.

Be Good to Yourself for Fuck’s Sake!
Choose Your Peace.


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