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I’ve been writing a lot lately. Little anecdotes here & there in the notes section of my iPhone. Thought blurbs from me to myself via text. Long & layered realizations going both to & from me in email. Sometimes these little or large thought bursts occur multiple times/day, while there are also days upon days where nothing comes at all.

The ‘old’ me finds humor in the fact that this inconsistency would have likely driven me crazy before, but not now.

Now, the ‘new’ me finds the unpredictability enlightening, a surprise, and quite, synchronistic or even, serendipitous. I have found the ability to live & let go, and now that I have a taste for it… I want more.

Lately, I’ve been quite curious about & perceptive to, the unique and unexplained occurrences of life. With the pandemic being at the top of my curiosity list, it doesn’t stop there.

The allowance that I’m finding in letting go, living curiously in each moment, & loosening my grip on explanation, action, inaction, or reason, in its wake I’ve found myself waking up to the symmetry, synchronicity, & wonder that exists living there. Here.

If you see me dancing in the streets, I pray that you let the rhythm get you
May it call to you in a certainty like only music can
May you hear the beat & receive a call to join
May your lungs fill & breath take you to the tempo
May you release to rock
May you rock to roll
May you ease to sway
May you sway to swing
May you bewitchingly seize your movement
May you twirl into the sounds of liberated heart & lyrical feet, spaghetti arms, & a free soul
May you resist the call to walk on by, flee, ignore or conform to a prescribed normalcy or a restrictive rigidity
May you jump in & dance to the melody of your soul
May you resist the urge to resist
May you stop “singing for your supper” in all facets, forms, or relationships
May the rhythm of your life call to you & when it does, I hope you let it become you.

In this free-flowing & innocently foreign relationship with the wisdom of my life. I have surrendered to what I intuitively know as my truth & at the same time, decided to become a student to what it & the Universe has to teach me about who I am destined to be, as I dance to the melody of… well, Me in the world and the world within Me.

What is the rhythm of your life like right now?
What do you WANT it to be?
What -if anything- can you notice it is teaching you & you are contributing to it?

Be Good to Yourself for Fuck’s Sake!


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