Welcome – pleased to meet you!

This is an opportunity for a SPECIAL someone. Maybe that someone is YOU?

During this intensive 90-minute Coaching session, we will go in search of your automatic behaviors. The ways in which you self-sabotage, but maybe don’t know or just don’t want to admit. We will unveil truths that stretch you, challenge you and encourage you to be honest about who you are being in your life. We will put your self-defense mechanisms, fears, stories, circumstances, and basically, all the shit that you have allowed to get in your way for TOO LONG on notice that you are ready for something different.

I will NOT hold back. I will NOT let you hold back.

I will show you how to become FULLY present to what scares you. I will help you see how you respond to fear. I will guide you through an exploration of your automatic habits, what confronts you, makes you feel unworthy or incapable, and how to stop being reactive into being proactive. We will discover how you can operate from your ESSENCE.

You have big dreams, big goals, and a desire to break free. Yet, you feel lost, trapped, and like change is impossible?

Nothing seems to be changing or has changed for longer than you’d like to admit?

You know what you want, but for some reason, you feel like you can’t make it a reality?

Everything or everyone else comes before you. Your desires, truths, or needs come last. You want to break free, but you’ve convinced yourself that the time is NEVER right. Yet, every day you feel a nudge.
You feel like something is telling you that the right time is NOW.

▽ You are ready for UNSHAKABLE self-confidence and self-love.
▽ You want to feel proud of who you are, what you do, and how you show up in your relationships.
▽ You feel life it is at a standstill.
▽ You are unknowable to others because you are unknowable to yourself.
▽ You have an undeniable urge to REINVIGORATE your mind, body, spirit, and sexuality.
▽ You attract people who lean on or need you, and consistently, feel like they’re a one-sided energy suck.
▽ Your personal and professional life feels more like it is existing than succeeding.
▽ You want to find your ZEST for life!
▽ You are ready to redefine how you see the world.
▽ You are DONE stifling your truth for the sake of others.
▽ You find that obsessing over perfectionism is an anchor to your free spirit!
▽ You know that you change depending upon who you’re around.
▽ You want to own the good, bad, pretty, and ugly parts of yourself without JUDGMENT.
▽ You want to embrace passion, spontaneity, and creativity!
▽ You have a calling to make yourself a PRIORITY but stop because you feel guilty about putting you first, doubt that you’re worth the time, money, or energy investment, and instead of leaping you stop.

I see you. I hear you. I have been where you are and I am excited to tell you I can help!

I’ve walked where you now walk, wallowed where you are wallowing, and stood instead of leaped…
that is until I DID!

Undoubtedly, the best decision I have made for my personal, professional, and mental health was choosing to transform my life and stop standing still! I’m honored to be able to share that with you and help you do the same for yourself. I can help you take a stand, but the stand you take will be for YOU, for the life you know you’ve always wanted, and one that will support your courage, excitement, and passion to live!

I struggled. I wallowed. I resigned myself to a belief that feeling happy more often than not was meant for other people. I watched life slowly pass by like it was on a delay until I couldn’t take it ANYMORE.

I couldn’t take the misery, the helpless, and the victimization of myself. I couldn’t continue to feel like life was living me. I couldn’t take being that person, so I decided I WILL NOT be that person!

I went from feeling like a speed bump on the road of life to establishing a fully functioning Life Coaching business with ambitious, hopeful, & motivated clients in 6 months.

I’ve helped people change their lives and find clarity, peace, and purpose within themselves!

I redefined my relationship to relationships, happiness, self, sex, money, work, and living,
and I am happy to help YOU DO IT too!


These are the pillars of my coaching style and while I coach to them, I will help you to identify and to distinguish between the pillars of YOUR being. I will help you to distinguish what identifies to you.

These pillars helped me to cut the shit, stop making excuses, own hard truths, and celebrate vulnerability. They helped me to acknowledge that there will ALWAYS be roadblocks in life, but freedom comes in noticing fears as a signal and not a dead-end. They gave me compassion for the things that stop me and have shown me that it’s all a part of the process.

There is no right or wrong. There is no better or worse. Life, happiness, sadness, all of it, is a matter of Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How You Choose.

Do you choose to transform?

Do you choose to elevate your life and everything in it?

Do you choose to stop being the victim and save yourself?

If the answer is a resounding HELL YES, then a 90-minute coaching intensive is for you!

What do you get in 90-minutes?
▽ An honest conversation with someone who has an unbiased perspective
▽ A non-judgmental look into your fears
▽ An in-depth discovery of how you respond in stressful situations
▽ A reflection of how you see yourself
▽ A view into how you judge yourself
▽ Evaluation of triggers
▽ Assessment of your relationships: to self, personal, professional, and romantic
▽ Exploration of your Essence

It’s a 90-minute telephone conversation. It’s you, me, and complete confidentiality.

I cannot do this work for you. Only you can make the choice to stop standing still and LEAP for yourself.

I will hold space for you to step into a version of you that feels Alive, Liberated, Empowered, Encouraged, Bold, Badass, and Fucking Free!

I will hold this space for you because I BELIEVE that is who you are already.
I believe that you are ready to BREATHE life into your dreams.
I believe that you are eager to embody how you SEE yourself in your heart.
I believe that you are ready to grow, TRANSFORM, and live a wildly uncensored life.

It is time for you to make a choice. It is TIME for you TO LEAP!

NOTE: 90-minute intensive coaching is the only package I have available
outside of a 1:1 coaching relationship.


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