Hi! My name is Shannon and I am an Ontological Life Coach. It’s very important for me to be clear and acknowledge that Life Coaching is what I do, but it does not summarize who I am.

I wholeheartedly believe in loving what you do, but while you can love it, it doesn’t define you. That’s why I own that Coaching is a part of me, but it is not all of me.

That said, if you’ve landed here via the pathway of a post, tag, share, podcast, blog, summit, program, Facebook or IG, it’s nice to meet you. It’s my hope that if we’re a fit, you stick around & you get to know me, & I get to know you.

While we’re on “meet & greet” terms, let me tell you about why I do what I do.





I’m an Ontological Life Coach.

An Ontological Coach supports people to achieve their goals & sees the possibility of overcoming objection or doubt, by connecting to the essence of that person to establish a new way of being.

In Ontological Coaching, you are always seen as whole & complete, exactly as you are. In fact, not only are you whole & complete, but you are right on time, in the exact right place, & on target to achieve whatever you’re ready to receive.

If that struck a chord with you, this is an invitation to let it.

Be curious about why that sparks intrigue & explore WHAT about it is triggering?

I’ll say it again: You ARE whole & complete in this moment.
You ARE right on time.
You ARE in the exact right place.
You ARE on target to achieve whatever you’re ready to receive.





If you are whole, then that means, there is NOTHING wrong with you.

Seeing an individual as such supports a belief that YOU know what YOU want. In fact, I believe that YOU know what YOU want… but you may be wrestling with some thoughts or feelings right now that are challenging your beliefs. It’s OK. Let me be the 1st to tell you that I’ve been exactly where you are. Sure. Maybe our circumstances differ, but circumstance aside, I have felt suffocated by thoughts & feelings that make me feel incomplete & anything but enough, & I, too, worked with an Ontological Coach to help me unpack self-deprecating beliefs & unpack how indulging such self-doubt not only was keeping me small but was also influencing the action or inaction I was taking in my life as a result.

Again, take a breath. It is OK. This is precisely what I’m here for. I am here to walk alongside you & support you in making your way back home to your truth & having reverence for it.





Sometimes we need help & when we do, it is up to us to determine in what way we’re willing to receive it.

I have no opinion -nor should I- about what form of support works best for you. Honestly, I’m less concerned with how you get it & MORE concerned that you do.

To bottom line it, people come to Coaching for support because they feel stuck. They utilize Coaching as a tool when they have established patterns that repeatedly produce the same unfulfilling results, but aren’t sure what those patterns are. Coaching is not a fix. It is a practice that people use who may have trouble finding clarity of consciousness to stand for what they DO & DO NOT want.





The job of an Ontological Coach is to help YOU take responsibility for your life.

It is to help you get elevation on what is so, clarify your desires, & distinguish what’s in the way of receiving what you want.

It is to help you see your blind spots.

It is to help you bridge the gap of where you are, & to see that you can get to where you want when you become accountable to it.

An Ontological Coach’s main function is to supports others. That’s right! We give a shit about you living the life you want.

We give a shit & we support you in believing that it makes sense for you to give a shit, too. After all, This Is YOUR Life.

I give such a shit that the goal is to help you address what is missing in different areas of life, relationships, work, family, money, adventure, career & so on.

“The role of an ontological coach is not to tell people how to be or behave, rather to assist them to identify & achieve what they desire. It is about enabling others to better serve themselves, expand their possibilities, increase their capacity to learn, act more effectively, & better design their future. There is artistry & deep learning in an ontological approach. Some have said that ontological coaching is coaching to the human soul.” – Aboodi Shabi

You heard about what I do. Now, let me share with you who I AM & AM NOT about it.





I believe that all humans are in constant evolution. That said, it is very likely that who I am declaring to be as a Coach at the time you’re reading this has evolved, changed, & amplified itself in many ways from the time this piece was published. I believe in the morphology of humans, so it would be out of integrity for me to claim that I will never grow or change as a Coach. I’m not so high on my own supply that I think I‘ve discovered ‘the way’ in life or that I will remain the same as a person, let alone as a Coach.

In light of my belief that we are constantly evolving, no matter how many Coaching tools I have, it is important that I acknowledge, I’m not so internally focused that I believe I have answers for YOU. I’m not so short-sighted that I imagine I have any sort of ‘fix’ or a prescription of what you should do.

Coaches are not mind-readers, clairvoyant, psychic, an advisor, a psychologist, therapist, consultant, counsel, tarot cards, or Google.

I am your support staff.
I am your mirror.
I am your cheerleader.
I am here to love you AND challenge you.
I am a reminder of what you said you want when it feels hard.
I Am A Coach.





It is my purpose to be of service to heart-centered humans.
…to empower the essence of those highly sensitive.
…to illuminate the brilliant rebellion of vulnerability.
…to honor the creative.
…to access clarity of consciousness
…to highlight the human in the human experience
…to destigmatize struggle
…to support you, supporting yourself.
…to help you bridge the gap of where you are to where you want to be.

It is my purpose to acknowledge the bravery it takes to fully know yourself, your feelings, thoughts, wants, goals, & everything you don’t desire.
…to walk alongside you as you learn to walk with yourself.
…to cheer you on through hard shit & acknowledge the courage it takes to do so.
…to stand for your stand & stop taking your own shit, let alone the shit of others.

It is my purpose to advocate for your clarity of consciousness.
… to do it at every roadblock
…at every level/expansion/elevation
…in all seasons, success, & failure
… to show-up for you showing up for yourself, in your evolution, transformation, transcendence, IN TRUTH – no matter how pleasant or otherwise – over, & Over, & OVER, again.





To Coach, is NOT to tell.
…it is NOT to fix.
…it is NOT to manipulate or intimidate.
…it is NOT to overshadow, ignore, chastise, or blame.
…it is NOT to lead clients with their own agenda.





To Coach, is to observe.
…it is to be curious.
…it is to be honest.
…it is to encourage, understand, & hold you accountable to YOUR standards.
…it is to hold space.
…it is to ask powerful questions.

To Coach, is to challenge.
…it is to love
…it is to promote
…it is to champion
…it is to hold accountable
…it is to see you whole & complete exactly as you are.





It is my pleasure to meet you.
It is an honor to work with you.
It is my intention to help you.
It is my job to support you.
It is my desire that you leave me better than when you came to me.





If you’re ready to distinguish what’s in the way of receiving the life you want, know that I’ve been where you are.

I’ve felt confused, isolated, & defeated by my existence, despite having a comfortable life.

I’ve been embarrassed to admit to all of my starts & stops, & confused by it because I know I have it in me to execute.

I’ve laid down in the gutter with painful truths & crawled through grueling self-deprecating behaviors to find love, confidence, & respect for who I AM & who I AM NOT.

I’ve experienced elevated levels of success & failure.

I’ve started from nothing & built a self-sustaining & successful business.

I’ve rubbed elbows with men & women, people who’ve lost their jobs, as well as C-Suite Level Executives, Entrepreneurs, creatives, & start-ups, & walked with clients through a path to self-actualization, individuation, empowerment, love, freedom, wealth, & success.





I believe in you.
I believe in the power mindset has on our actions.
I believe that how we feel about ourselves is a direct reflection of the life we’re living.
I believe in the power of people to choose the life they want & get it.

You’re never too young or old, inexperienced or accomplished, fragile or bold, to deconstruct & discover a way of being in a life that feels like YOU.

I believe that you change, grow, & transform every-single-day of your life, so you might as well use the inevitability of change to your benefit.

It’s time to live in your essence!

It’s time to live the life you want!

And, I’d be honored to support you in doing it.

I love you & I believe in you believing in yourself.





To start living a life that feels FREE, clear, & undoubtedly, you, click here.