LOTIS, a sisterhood for the misfits. The crazy ones. The rebels. Troublemakers. Those with a bold heart, brilliant mind, and a vivacious soul. This is the space for you to be seen for all that you are and celebrated by those who are like you.  Women looking to be seen as who they are, Women.

We are the wildlings. The deep. The ambitious. The nurturing. The compassionate. The sexual. The outrageous. The tortured and torturers. The big hearts and unmistakable souls. The seen and unseen.

We are of the earth, universe, air, fire, water, the solar system, and lifetimes. We are everything and nothing at the same time, but mostly, we are women who just want to be ourselves.

We are warriors. Those in struggle and in stride. Those who feel disassociated from themselves. Those who feel like they are in the struggle of their life. Those with pain, a story, power, love, experience, and courage. Those with infertility.

By the grace and power of those like you, 5 women have joined forces to create an event space unlike any other. Together, we will empower you to be. We invite you to sit, stand, share, breathe, feel, cry, expel, unveil, shed, own & reveal all that you are. We hold this space for you so that you can hold space for yourself.

It is my honor to introduce to you the powerfully vulnerable women of LOTIS.

It is about you. It is about us. It is about community.

It is about allowing women to feel seen, heard, & understood. It is about reminding ourselves that we are more than just a vessel.

This event will invite you to drop out of your heads and into your body. It will help you reconnect to yourself in a way that allows you to feel through a healing process. It’s about remembering that you are an integral part of your life. Therefore, so is ensuring your happiness and well-being.

You can expect to find freedom and support in acknowledging that you need to be taken care of. You can expect to increase your emotional intelligence in a way that allows self-nurturing & self-nourishment to become a priority. You can expect to enter into a space that will embrace you, encourage you, hold you, & love you, vs what the energy of infertility can make you feel; burdensome, an embarrassment, & alone.

This event is being co-chaired by high level, experienced, and active coaches. Each is ready and willing to guide all those who attend through a curated experience. You can expect to receive mindset development, meditation, and energy healing, as well as sexuality and sensuality work. Together, we are ready to acknowledge that there are women in this world going through something difficult, such as infertility. We are ready to change the energy around it from shamed or hidden, to being one that is supported and shared with love. Together, we are committed to elevate, uplift, and welcome you into a sisterhood. 

It is about infertility, but more so, the human in a struggle. LOTIS is a Coaching event filled with meditation, energy healing, sexuality, and methods through which you will be invited to reconnect to the human experience within this human experience.

It is centralized around and for women looking for support and sisterhood. It is for the woman struggling. It is for the woman struggling through a journey of conception. While our everyday lives can feel like a continual physical experience, it is also mental. 

The intention of this event is to offer women struggling a community, a safe space, a welcoming environment that allows you to enter into this experience exactly where you are without shame or judgment, but understanding. It is about introducing you to self-compassion. It is about allowing yourself to receive support. It is about offering you the opportunity to drop out of your head and into your body to see where you are, what you need, and possibly, discover something’s you didn’t even know you needed. LOTIS is about you, your growth, your continual rediscovery, and connecting to who you are and allowing yourself to receive what you need.

I am you. You are me. I am, you are, we are the same.

I am a woman who has struggled. I am a face of infertility.

My husband & I have struggled to conceive for 6+ years. I have struggled with symptoms (Endometriosis & PCOS) for most of my life. I am the women who will attend this event and one who NEEDED something like this when I felt like I was in the fight of my life.

I have felt the depression, isolation, and devastation of this disease. I have lived feeling like I was nothing. I have lived feeling like I had no purpose, and that I wasn’t a woman because I couldn’t have children. I have tortured myself into believing that if I couldn’t have children then I had nothing to offer the world. I have danced with my devils and when they nearly won, I scared myself into seeing who I had become.

I had become a woman who had almost lost her life in the struggle to create one.

I am a Life Coach, writer, & author of the book, “Infertility Sucks, You Don’t!” and an advocate for women who struggle. I am an advocate for women, men, families, relationships who feel the effects of infertility. I am an advocate for women who struggle with infertility and feel trapped in a life that they didn’t expect to live.

My part in this event is 1st and foremost, to continue the dialogue about how tumultuous infertility really is, how destructive it can be to one’s self-esteem and well-being, and everything around you. But, also, to use my infertility experience and that of Life Coaching, to acknowledge that what you feel, think, and who you are being in your life is not your fault. You are not ridiculous. You are not crazy. You are not alone. But, you don’t have to stay in this place, fearing, hating, and in desperation, with yourself.

My part in LOTIS is to rally women like you, like me, like us, who have seen struggle and not only survived but thrived. It is to harness our energies together in 1 space to remind you how powerful you already are.

My part in LOTIS is to share with you that I have lived in the gutter of infertility and nearly lost who I was, but I found my light, my joy, and myself again.

I want you to know that you are not lost. You can find yourself and your joy again, too.

We are here for you. 

We are ready to support you support yourself.

We are a sisterhood for the strength that exists in women who struggle and thrive.

We celebrate you and your willingness to see, value, embrace, and cheer for that strength in yourself.


The event will be held Saturday, 4/20, @ The Space (by Yoga Bar, in between Advent Coworking & Catawba) in Charlotte, NC.

933 Louise Ave | Charlotte, NC 28204

It begins at 1 PM EST and will conclude at 6 PM EST. In person attendance for the event is limited, but there is unlimited attendance available via Facebook LIVE stream. Tickets are $111 for purchase. All online Facebook attendants are required to private message Shannon Wooten to be added to the private Facebook event space.

If you plan to attend online and do not contact Shannon Wooten on Facebook,
you will not be added to the private event space and therefore, will miss the event.

After you purchase your ticket, please be sure to contact Shannon,
as we do not want you to miss out.


I am happy to announce that there are 2-ways you can attend this event!

  1. Remotely via FaceBook. That’s right! For those who are out of state, but know this is something you would benefit from, but can’t get to Charlotte, NC, have no fear! This event will be LIVE streamed for your participation and viewing pleasure. 
    1. All information shared via the event is for paying attendee’s only. It is proprietary. 
    2. The event will be recorded and a replay will be available for ALL ATTENDEE’s (remote and onsite) for 1-week following the event to allow for consumption and integration.
  1. In Person and LIVE. Oohh-la-la! We are happy to announce that this in-person event is just as good as it sounds.  You will have LIVE and in the room access to all the Coaches inside and at the event to ask questions, share what comes up, and feel the energy inside the space in REAL TIME.
    1. Plus, we’re available for hugs.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at Shannon@LifewithShannon.com.

We love you.

We care about you.

We can’t wait to meet you.