“Working with Shannon changed my life! From our first conversation, I felt very comfortable about opening up to her. She is no B.S., smart as a whip, and full of this incredible energy. Shannon supported me through some challenging times in my life and helped me to see a way out and a way forward. She helped me to see how I can live life, make decisions and take action coming from a place of my true essence, which feels so great! She reminded me every week that anything is possible! She is not afraid to ask really tough questions. Shannon gave me functional tools to use in everyday life to help me achieve my goals and to move my life forward! Before, I felt like I was just spinning and stuck in a rut. I am forever grateful to her and the time we spent together. She’s a dynamic force and an amazing person and I just love her to bits!! Highly recommend!”


“1. I did a happy dance when we hung up. 
2.  I love the morning calls, I just feel so pumped, refreshed and ready for my day. 
3. I am 100% content in the decisions I’ve made.
You’re a miracle worker. I feel so good today! Like “move over, the Shannon I want to be is coming in hot!” I love it, and I thank you!”
– Shannon


“I recognized that I’ve always listened to the little voice in my head saying “don’t worry about it”, I didn’t hold myself accountable for the situations I put myself in.  I was always telling myself it’s up to others to determine my success. Very indifferent to the situations I was in… and god do I hate conflict.  When a tense situation came up at work, one side of my brain was saying “clearly you have to handle this situation, go have the conversation and get it over with”

the other side of my brain was terrified of the potential for an uncomfortable conversation… The thought crossed my mind to just let it play out… No need for confrontation…Seriously, that was a thought…. (Wtf right)

After thinking about the conversations Shannon and I had, I grabbed that courage and told that naysaying side my brain to fuck off, and had the conversation.  After some reflection and thought, I felt pretty fucking great about it! Thanks again, I can see the progress and it’s evident to people around me too.”


“Shannon has been a game-changer; she pushes me to dig into thoughts and feelings that have just been chillin’ there in my brain and heart for years; we talk them through honestly and openly, and then she coaches in a way that’s direct and loving so that I can clear a path for the most important person in all this – myself.” 
– Meg


“I came to Shannon at a very shaky point in my life.  I’d lost my job and I was in danger of losing my identity in the process.  I was shaken to my core, as I’d placed so much of my identity and self-worth into my job.  I interviewed several life coaches, but it was Shannon’s no-bullshit positivity that won me over.

Over the course of my time with her, she helped me to find out what it really meant to be me.  However, more than that, she helped me to love that person, rather than smother him in the “shoulds” of the world.  One of the key elements was helping me to identify the self-defense personalities that I would adopt under stress.  By identifying them, I was better able to recognize when I was reverting to them rather than staying my authentic best self.
If you’re looking for someone to gently massage your ego, look elsewhere.
If you’re looking for someone who spoon-feeds you the change you want, she’s not for you.
However, if you’re ready to make real change in your life with someone who’s pure rock and roll, Shannon is the coach you need in your life.”
– Nelson

“In August, I started following this woman, Shannon Wooten, that just inspires me. There’s something about her energy that fires me up. Four weeks ago she offered a program called Shadow Work Academy. I was a hell YES to this program. This program talked about intimacy, sex, money and unshakeable confidence. I mean, who doesn’t want more of these things in there life.I went into this program different. I allowed all of myself to show up, to take up space, to use my voice and share what I was going through. I was vulnerable in letting these other amazing women know pieces of me that I tend to keep to myself.

Intimacy- Shannon created a space to allow our dark sides to thrive. I’ve always suppressed my dark side. By allowing her to rise, be seen and heard; created intimacy with myself that I was longing for. I found my light, my own inner source of power.

Relationships- I’ve always loved people and wanting to help and support them. But there was a secret side that was jealous and resented them for having all the things that I desired so deeply. This made me feel inauthentic. Listening to the hurt and desires of this piece of me has opened up a whole new level to love others and myself.

Responsibility- I have a whole new sense of responsibility. I would play victim or as Shannon pointed out; I play the part of a wounded bird. That was a harsh truth. I am responsible for me and only me.

Worth – I no longer give myself away trying to please others, chasing them, convincing them why they should pick me. I know my worth.

Emotions- I don’t like to feel the “bad” emotions so I would micromanage situations to minimize any hurt feelings. What I didn’t realize is that when I thought I was protecting other people from their feelings getting hurt, I was actually protecting mine. It was my feelings that were getting hurt and I was placing them on others. I’ve learned to practice OWNING and sharing my emotions.

Confidence- Confidence is a feeling. I will only gain confidence by trusting me. The more I trust myself the more confidence I will gain. It’s a choice. I didn’t trust me… I trusted everyone else and what they thought I should be or do. I lost myself through the years. This program has created space to find myself, all of myself.

Significance- I’ve gained clarity on how significant I am in my world. The leader I am in my home, my relationships, and in this world. It takes one person to go first, to choose differently, and it opens a whole new world of possibilities for everyone else to step into.

It’s exhausting to fix other people. It’s exhausting to always be fixing me.

I’m comfortable with my darkness.
I love my darkness.
I’m comfortable with your darkness.
I love your darkness.
I own who I am. I see me for me.
I am Saucy & Significant. 🖤


“I recently took a program called Shadow Work Academy that completely opened my eyes and shifted my perception. I felt called to share what Shadow Work Academy (SWA) has done for me so other women can feel the same confidence and power!!

SWA seemed to appear when I needed it most – there were a few shifts happening in my life and I was feeling lost and confused. SWA supported those shifts and beyond for me….

• It gave me clarity on exactly where I was and how the heck I got myself here! I have come to realize I have just been going through the motions, day in and day out – it’s like I am on auto-pilot. My life has been lacking fulfillment, fun and pure creativity. Once I discovered where I truly was, I was able to bring some of that high vibe energy back into my life that I didn’t even know I was missing! Do you truly know where you are?

• SWA forced me to look in the mirror and admit the harsh truths I have been avoiding and sugar-coating for years. Ya know how hard that is?! But let me tell you something, it is FREEING!! Once you face those harsh truths, you learn to walk with them instead of continuing to keep them in the dark. Is there a truth you’re avoiding in your life?

• SWA brought me an unexpected awareness about my emotions, decisions and actions. This awareness has been a game changer for everyday decision-making. I will admit, I am still awful at making big decisions, BUT I am now making daily choices that support who I am at my core and who I want to be. Deep down I always knew I wasn’t always making the best choices for my dreams but I never imagined I could overcome the temptations of the not-so stellar, instant gratification choices I was making on the daily. Are you making the best choices for yourself?

• The biggest takeaway from SWA was that confidence isn’t something I was ever going to learn – confidence is something that I already have deep in my soul and all I need is trust in myself to unleash its power! It’s something you embody. It’s a daily choice. It’s unshakeable. The key to my confidence is to forgive myself. Through daily forgiveness, I have felt more and more confidence that I never thought I would have. Forgiveness has given me the ability to choose myself and to choose to be confident each and every day! Is your confidence unshakeable?

Even though I am still working through some of the powerful lessons and prompts, the shifts I have made in my mindset and actions over the last 3 weeks have been down-right amazing 😍 I cannot wait to see how shift in the next 3 weeks as I continue to work!

I also gotta give a shout-out to, Shannon Wooten, for creating this powerful, amazing program!! She is a high vibe, high energy magnet which is contagious to everyone around her – just being in her presence alone over the last few weeks completely boosted my confidence, mindset and energy 🤩 She is on FIREEEEEEE 🔥🔥🔥 and ALWAYS brings that energy that fires you up too!!! I cannot say enough kind words about Shannon and hope to work with her again in the future!!! I hope you have the opportunity to work with her too!”
-Bri Anne


“For the past three weeks, I’ve been enrolled in an online program with my coach, Shannon Wooten. From the moment I head Shannon speak at a digital summit in April, I wanted to work with her. She hadn’t even finished her 20-minute presentation and I had catapulted myself into her e-mail inbox.

The past several months of receiving coaching from her have been awe-inducing. So, naturally, when she offered a 3-week program called Shadow Work Academy that tackles self-judgments around our ideas and emotions, I clicked on that ish so fast, ya’ll.

The return on investment was immediate for me. Not gonna lie; it was HARD. I had to fully show up and face some uncomfortable realizations about myself. Why did I not feel worthy of success unless the process was difficult? This was just one of the questions that helped me break through long-standing judgments I had about myself. It was absolutely worth every second.

Even better was the opportunity to walk through this with several other women, and realizing we were all battling the same roadblocks to our own success. Community, is key to combating feelings of isolation, and this community was a safe, welcoming space to ask tough questions. And we all supported each other through the process because we all wanted to be there. Thank you to Shannon and the ladies I met in SWA; I have forged some incredible bonds through this fellowship.”


“I AM changed.
I AM too experienced now to go back to being the person I was.
I AM allowing this change to inspire me verses looking behind me for a person who simply doesn’t exist anymore.”


“For the past 3 weeks, I have been on an amazing journey called “shadow work academy” hosted by Shannon Wooten, and surrounded by a few other women. I’m a personal development junkie, a constant learner, and I thought this program would help me see the things in my life that aren’t helpful and continue working to get rid of them. I learned in the first session that that is NOT what shadow work is. Shadow work is learning what’s unhelpful, but still loving myself. This is hard for me. And I was once again affirmed that when things feel difficult I avoid by helping others too much- adding too much volunteering, Crisis situations, etc. There were many times in the past few weeks where a whole bunch of stuff just came pouring out and I dissociated. However, Shannon is so grounding and could see through it which was awesome yet annoying at times. But I was validated by being on the other side of the non-judgment zone I allow for my clients, and what I tell other ppl. It feels good. This is a big season in my life and I’m happy that I’m actually putting things into action vs ruminating.”


“Shannon listens with her whole entire heart and soul. It was more of what I didn’t say that she always picked up on. This was where all of the juicy nuggets typically were. She held me accountable to who I said I am. And who I professed myself to be. She helped me learn that the light and the dark bits make the WHOLE me and accepting all of them and integrating all of them helped make me a whole person. She also helped me hold myself to a higher standard as well as celebrated me and with me.  All the time. She still celebrates me all the time and continues to help me to see the absolutely radiant Goddess that I am. Shannon also taught me how to look at aspects of myself without labeling them good or bad – just that they ARE. Seeing all aspects as the beauty of who I am and the uniqueness of who I am. She helped me figure out the truth of who I truly AM and let that truth of me BLOOM.”


“The program that changed my life, Shannon Wooten’s, “Shadow Work Academy!”

This woman is a force. Wise beyond belief. Grafeul in her growth, & so fucking honest about who she is, where she’s been & what she knows to be true for her. Shannon Wooten will, without a shadow of a doubt, make you feel safe, supported, & capable of absolutely anything in this lifetime.”


I have worked with many coaches & programs over the last few years. And I have to say that working with Shannon is nothing I have ever experienced before. During our month of work together, I feel as though something was set free within me. Pieces of myself that were locked away & suppressed have come alive again. Shannon has a way of really seeing you for who you are. She provides a safe container to really be seen, loved, cherished, & honored for the Divine being that you are. She helped me see that the things I perceived as “bad” were actually things I should embrace. She showed me that full integration of the light & the dark were needed for me to feel whole, even though I already am. I can’t recommend working with Shannon enough. She will change your life. I can’t wait to work with her again in the near future.




To work with Shannon directly, you may contact her here.