It lights me up to present to you:

Shadow Work Academy is a Coaching Program that will bring you face-to-face with the “taboo”, “inappropriate” & “unspeakable” things holding you back.

A program about how to harness the darkness within to bring unshakable confidence, ease in wealth, great sex & quality relationships to light.

A program for those ready to heal & feel their way through life’s dark moments, to stop rejecting it, become akin to it & Let It Serve You.

A program that will help you create a new memory about your future & reinforce your deliberateness to light the world on fire.









My name is Shannon Wooten. I am a Life Coach, Writer, & Infertility Survivor. I like whiskey, chunky sweaters, intelligent conversation, swear words, & women unafraid to stand in their power. I’m a daughter, sister, wife, mother to 2 fur babies, Tinkerbells BFF, Poe lover & a horror movie savant.

I’ve never told anyone this before (legit – not just saying that for effect), but I often think of myself as a poem, wrapped in a riddle, inside a Rubix cube. I’m complex & beautifully so. For the record, it took me a long time to be able to see that, because, for the longest time, I tried to pretend like I wasn’t. All my feelings felt like “so much” inside of me, that I couldn’t fathom unleashing the “real me”.

For most of my life, I’ve been aware of my darkness, but I did everything I could to hide it. It wasn’t until our struggle with infertility that I realized I needed to find a way to embrace it. My darkness affected my friendships, family, marriage, the relationship I had with myself, & my job. Pretending like it wasn’t there, avoiding the intensity of it, & denying that I NEEDED to find a way to hone it in, affected EVERYTHING.

I want you to know that it has taken me years to find the beauty in my darkness. Full disclosure, while it wasn’t easy, I’ve never been more alive, seen more success, been more creative, had quality relationships or felt like more was possible.

I have been to the edge of my darkness & back. I’ve danced with my devils, laid down in the gutter with my pain, let it wash over me like a porcupine-blanket, & found the POWER in me, within it.

I have seen some shit. If you’re reading this, I already know you’ve seen some too. I’ve had to admit some shit. I’ve had to accept love on my pain. I’ve had to understand that it is the greatest gift to be able to implicitly know yourself & I’ve had to give it ALL to myself.

I’ve learned from my darkness, felt the undeniable strength of it, & now I use it to my benefit. I use it to know myself. I’ve fallen in love with it & me, become fiercely protective of it, allow it to serve me, grow me & make me stronger, & now I want to share how I did it with you.






Shadow Work is an illumination of our subconscious mind. It’s bringing to light what you keep hidden.

It’s harnessing energy, thought, feelings, & action. It is the ability to make all that you’ve labeled unacceptable, acceptable.

It is an awakening of your conscious mind & celebration of your whole self, both the darkness & the light.

It’s the ability to create a new memory about who you are by seeing where you’ve come from & the possibility in where you’re going.

Shadow Work is the ability to alchemize your fears, celebrate your uniqueness, hone in who you are, love it, celebrate it, monetize it, become seduced & intimately close to it, befriend it, & live FREE.





You, reliable to show up for others but right now aren’t doing so for yourself.

You, an undeniable force, overachiever, creative, Go-getter, feeling scattered & not quite sure what is next.

You, the do whatever it takes kind, drive it all the way to the edge, ready to make your mark, Soul, confused about where to direct your energies.

You, the ambitious, I know I can take it, I’m ready for wild success, Renegade, frustrated & holding back.

You, the empathetic, nurturer, who feels so deeply that sometimes it scares you.

You, vibrating in the energy of your darkness, still, but knowing there is something to it, it is time to stop feeling stuck.

It is time to use your darkness to your benefit like only YOU CAN.

You, who is ready to stop seeing the comfort in darkness as a “bad thing” & embrace it as a gift that enables you to be STRONG, POWERFUL, & BOLD.

You, craving growth & forgiveness for the shame of feeling different; knowing it but not sharing it, hiding in the emotion, fighting it & struggling with it, & yearning to love yourself.

You, who desires to feel LIBERATED & CONFIDENT in the mastery of self to unleash it.

You, ready to be impassioned, supported, & purposeful with your gifts.

This is for the individual ready to stop being a victim & be uncensored.

This is for those who are complex & are ready to celebrate it!

This is for the undeniable FIRE inside ready to fly free like a Phoenix. Ready to Burn Bright. Ready to make a stand in this world & alchemize your energy so that it can work WITH YOU & not against you.

You, ready to feel whole, complete, empowered, affluent, & understood, over & over again.








It’s time for you to fall in love with your art of creation.

To do that, you will take a look into how you value it.

It’s time to stop feeling icky about your gifts & your money.

It’s time to know money as a creative energy.

As easily as creativity flows freely to you & from you, so can money.

It’s time to believe that wealth is available & to do that, you need to know your value.

This is your free-fall into the darkness around affluence.

Receive Money: Darkness connects us to creativity, which connects us to creation, which allows us to create and be the source of wealth/money/abundance.

If creativity is easy for you, then making money can be too.

If your wealth relationship is that it’s “hard”, then that is what it will be.

If the relationship you have around money is that it is available to you, then be prepared to watch the zero’s in your bank account multiple.

In knowing & believing your creative value, you generate wealth.





It’s time to begin a love affair with you.

To do that, you will dissect where you are with self-confidence; what you allow, don’t allow, who you are & are not.

It’s time to stop relating to confidence as being palatable to the world.

It’s time to stop seeing it as gross or unattainable to celebrate yourself!

Confidence comes from self-esteem and self-esteem comes from trust.

When we don’t trust ourselves & allow ourselves to be, then confidence is lost.

It’s time to unconditionally trust you.

This is your dark dance with the importance of Ego.

Embodying Confidence: Darkness connects us to introspection, which connects us to strong feelings, which allows us to create boundaries around what does/doesn’t serve us, grow us, or make us stronger.

If giving love & support to others is easy for you, then loving yourself can be too.

If being introspective is easy for you, then so can being confident.

If you dismiss a relationship to ego, then you are also dismissing confidence.

If you desire, pursue, & nurture an unshakable relationship to self, then that is what it will be.

In knowing & being wholly oneself you embody confidence.





The relationship you have with yourself is the relationship you have with others.

It’s time to become intimately connected to your wants, needs, boundaries, & desires.

To do that, you will evaluate the relationship you have with self.

How we treat ourselves is how we allow others to treat us too.

It’s time to stop seeing what you want from connection as unattainable or wrong.

It’s time to stop taking what you can get & get what you NEED.

It’s time to stop being misunderstood & make your wants abundantly clear.

It’s time to stop fearing you will outgrow people by growing into yourself.

This is you allowing darkness to intimately show you what does & does not serve you.

Quality Sex & Relationships: Darkness connects us to passion, which connects to desire, which allows us to receive sexually & emotionally, what we need from relationships & from ourselves.

Quality relationships come from knowing what we need.

When we aren’t clear about our wants, others aren’t either.

When we feel unknowable to ourselves, we are also to others.

It’s time to get what you need.

If craving passion is easy, then so can be receiving it.

If you forego focusing on getting what you want, then you’ll never get it.

Prioritizing & specifying what you need, creates space for you to get it.

Relationships are a give & take.

In knowing & speaking what we need, we are that much closer to receiving it.





2 LIVE group training sessions (via ZOOM) each week for 3 weeks

Private Facebook community of support throughout the program with people in transformation just like you (training will be in here)

Unlimited group FB messenger audio & text support whenever you need it

Two 1:1 60 minute coaching sessions for those with VIP Access





Sift through & intimately know what holds you back.
Know yourself, what stops you & motivates you in a complete & honest way.
Elevate to what is next for you. Do it in a way that you can replicate, & repeat over & over.
Embody your power in a way that allows you to do so at all stages through roadblocks & success.
Receive what you want.
Create boundaries.
Feel empowered.
Welcome yourself to your next level.







Shadow Work is a choice to take on self-discovery in service of living fully without judgment or using fear as a stop.

It is a commitment to know your triggers & create space for them to live in the light so that you and they can repeatedly transform together.

It is having the ability to use the darkness of strong emotions like a light. It is receiving what most avoid. It is using it as a calling card. It is the opportunity to live fully, & when summoned to, take on change with ease.







From experience, when I am in the presence of those who have darkness, the connection, power, magic, & understanding is palpable. I have been where you are, walked where you walk, feared, judged, & felt the desperation of a similar nature. While our experiences may not be the same, the energy of our darkness is. It is a force all it’s own. It is a gift that needs respect, nurturing, & understanding, & once you find it, your light, vibration, & unstoppable energy will appear.

When someone steps into their purpose, creativity, strength, & unshakable confidence in a way that is their own & I am in a space with them,
it expands me.

Let me expand you.

You commit to finding the light within your darkness, & I will too.

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